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Draw my life meme by Togamicchi Draw my life meme by Togamicchi
Aaah wanted to try that meme! > u < 

1. i'm from/i was born in germany and have 2 older siblings ; u ; 1 bro und 1 sis ; u ; [10 year difference lol]

2. in Kindergarden i was just a normal kid idk i just played with my friends often and i always thought i could dig a hole that goes thorugh the whole earth so i could travel around lol [until i got to the end of the sandbox in elementary school OTL dream broken]

3. i had rly long hair in elementary school until it was too long and my mother cut it ; u ; i always tried to be the best student but i never was because i couldn't concentrate very well and talked with friends and stuff > u <

4. in middle school.. or secondary school idk from 5-6 grade everything was great i played a lot with my friends and had fun ; u ; 
My mother and i started to have a lot of fights when i got in 7 because of school and stuff dnvsivnduis 
she always compared me to my bro and sis and i hated that so i just told her to go away at some point. [also started to love anime and that stuff > u <] 

5. Except the finals i already have to worry for a job because i wanna enter a school where you work 2 days a week and go to school 3 days a week vnosvi but still have some time left to learn for the exams u w u 
i don't rly have much fights with my mom anymore and i'm really glad <3

6. i REALLY wanna study in another country once ; u ; 
idk if i imagine it too awesome or something but i just want to experience that u w u 

7. When i got to know Nata i started to smile more often i tried to do my best at school again but that doesn't rly work that often OTL 
But i just tried to smile at bad times and remember who's with me and yess :iconuhuhuhuplz: 

8. idk anyone who wants to do it <3 

Aaah btw on the 5th pic E is English M is Math and G is German.. just to .. idk yes OTL 

sorry its that sketchy but i still have to draw that kiriban thing 
gonna continue now B)
samairu Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol I thought E.M.G was Er mah gerd LOLOLOLOLOL

Awww the sandbox thing! x) so cute!

Yeah, I fought a lot with my mom too. She compared me a lot to my older cousins. But now she's mah best friend <3 I can't hate her lol.

Good advice ^^
Togamicchi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014

Yess idk .. that was kinda my kindergarden dram haha > u < 
i never knew i couldn't dig through the sandbox lol 

Yesss i love my mom > u < 
i'm glad we don't fight that much anymore <3 

aaah idk i just tried to say something that helps me a lot 
it would be awesome if it helps others :iconuhuhuhuplz: 
samairu Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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March 6, 2014
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